Educational material
At the moment both our asylum schools are closed due to Corona.
But If you would like to do a little school work you can find some links our teachers have found for you here.
There are 4 categories: English, social science, creativity and music. 
You will find new links every week, so stay tuned :-)





A guy from Germany and a girl from the US try some Danish candy and snacks. Have you tried some that you like? Some that you didn’t like!? 


Listen to the story about the man Robinson Crusoe who lived alone on an island for many years. The story is written by the English author Daniel Defoe.

You can listen to the story and at the same time you can read the text at the level you understand the best.




Social science:


Candy theme! The Danish people eat a lot of candy… Actually we are world champions at this! Why is that? Maybe because it’s so cold here…
Check out this good site for the latest Danish news. 

Read the news and read about different topics in English and in a language suitable for your level of English. Level 1 is for beginners.


Maybe you want to read more about Prince Harry and Duchess Megan?





The Danish people like sweets. Here are the ten most popular cakes in Denmark. The text is in Danish. And a recipe for the most popular one, banana cake:

Origami comes from Japan and is the art of folding paper. Below is a link to a very inspiring homepage, where you can see how to fold figures out of paper. This should give you plenty of ideas of what to fold.





Bow wow wow – I want candy!

And a beautiful Danish song by Alberte, that we have also heard in class in Holstebro. She sings about the bright nights that will soon return:

The winner of the Danish Eurovision Song contest (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix) 2021 is the group ”Fyr og flamme”. The international contest will take part in Holland in May 2021. Below you can see the whole show:


Here is the link to information about the winning song and here you can listen to it:


Introduction: A new tradition in Danish television during lockdown is singing ”together”. Songs that most Danish people know.